About Jess Lee | Photographer of the west and beyond

Jess's love affair with photography began in his teens in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he was raised. This early passion for being in the outdoors with a camera lead to his doing reconnaissance photography for various US government agency's during his early 20's while serving in the military . For over the next 30 years Jess l balanced, running a stock photography business, serving as staff photographer on several magazines, a career in the communication industry and raising a family. In 1999 he left the bounds of the corporate world to pursue his photography career full time.

Jess's photos have appeared in many diverse publications from Paris Match, National Geographic (March 2010 Cover), Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon, Wilderness, National Parks, Sports Afield, Sierra Magazine and Smithsonian, among others. He has also contributed to several regional magazines and newspapers Today, while a couple of book projects on endangered places are progressing, much of his work is used by advertising clients from industries as varied as Automotive, Banking and Sporting goods..

Selected credits: Audubon, Defenders, Field & Stream, Geo, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, National Geographic World, National Wildlife, National Parks, U.S. National Park Service, Nature Conservancy, NRDC, Outdoor Life, San Francisco Examiner, Scientific American, Sierra, Sports Afield, Der Stern, Trout, Woman's World, Wyoming Wildlife. Author/Photographer: Fly Fisherman, Das Stern, Rod & Reel, Das Tier, Trout, Western Outdoors. Books: American Geographic, Houghton Mifflin, National Geographic, Time-Life, Riverbend. Calendars: Day Dream, National Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund. Advertising/Corporate: ATT, Autolite, Orvis, USWest. Calendars: Day Dream, National Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund

Products, People,Threatened Locations,Landscape and wildlife Species.